Update to yesterday:

Well, after posting my last entry I actually picked up the guitar again and played some more – just couldn’t help it… the pull was too strong.

Which is why the total time played and my daily goal have changed as well… and I wouldn’t post this in an extra entry – had I not ended up beating my personal best last night. So there, showing off:

It’s amazing, the hold this app and my new guitar have on me right now. I actually can’t wait to come home from work and put the kids to bed every day – for no other reason than to finally get my eager hands on my lady again. I watch YouTube videos on techniques and tipps/tricks all the time now, even when I am at work – on my secondary monitor, as background noise, obviously – in case any of my co-workers read this… LOL!

Most astonishingly: my white lady currently keeps me away from my usual obsession: crocheting and knitting. I seriously didn’t think it would be possible.


One thought on “Update to yesterday:

  1. CarolineNH says:

    Congratulations! Yes, the compulsion to chase the gold stars is strong. I also knit, spin, weave, etc (current project is a very large, intricate cross stitch) and the guitar frequently comes first!


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