Unlocked Level 5 for Lead Guitar!

Unfortunately, I did break my every day streak yesterday, because I returned home shortly before midnight after watching that movie. I did, however, make up for it today and unlocked both Level 4 for Rhythm Guitar and Level 5 for Lead Guitar.

I will have to go back on both, though, and put some real detail work into the songs, as I gold starred almost nothing in either paths, and did have some difficulties getting through. It still frustrates me how my fingers actually do remember all the chords and how to quickly, almost automatically, change position quite well – but how sloppily I actually do play those chords, and how much they hurt my fingers.

On the topic of fingers, though: I do notice the tender beginnings of light callouses. The sensation in the tips is definitely starting to change, and I do remember the process all too well.

Anyway… I feel quite sad and lonely tonight, not motivated to do much of anything… and especially not writing – so I will just leave you with today’s screenshots and be done with it.

Play Strings (12/12) | Play Frets (24/24)Level 1 for all paths

LEAD | Start The Lead Guitar Path (51/51) | Fret Master (45/45) > Level 2 > Fretting Positions (39/39) | Fretboard Workout (39/39) > Level 3 > Four Fingers (42/42) > Pinky Challenge (57/57) > Level 4 > Picking Down & Up (27/51) > Picking Control (47/48) > Level 5 > Hammer & Pull (in progress)

KNOWLEDGE | Start The Knowledge Path (24/24) | Ear Puzzles: Up & Down > Level 2 > The Musical Alphabet (30/30) > Ear Puzzles: Smaller Steps > Level 3 > Sharps & Flats (27/27) > Ear Puzzles: Melodies > Level 4 > Know Your Fretboard (in progress)

RHYTHM | Start The Rhythm Guitar Path (48/48) | Cowboy Chords 1: E, Em, Am (30/30) > Level 2 > Cowboy Chords 2: C (51/51) | Cowboy Chords 3: G (36/36) > Level 3 > Power Chords (55/57) > Cowboay Chords 4: D & A (109/117) > Level 4 > Moveable Power Chords (in progress)

PS: I did also unlock Level 4 of the Knowledge Path after posting this, so I edited the stats above accordingly, but not the screenshots. These Ear Puzzles are kind of fun.


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