I hit the first bump in the road…

… and it’s Lead Guitar Level 4’s “I Ain’t Got Nobody” from the mission “Picking Control”.

Which is especially frustrating, because I spent another day working on all my Level 4 stuff today, managing to finally gold star everything – but that.

In particular, it’s the very last bar of the last part of the song. I gold starred parts 1-3… and I manage everything in part 4 of the song just fine… until I get to the last bippity-bop-du-ah kind of thing – and fuck it up. Without fail. I’ve even played through it in practice mode at like 40% of the regular speed for what feels like a million times… and still fuck it up. It drives me up the walls, because it isn’t even that difficult, when you look at it.

This part. What’s so damn hard about this? Yeah, I don’t get it myself.

(Also? If I hear “I am a sad android, that’s really sad…” just one more time, I might just throw a massive fit.)

Other than that, I am actually pretty pleased with myself for gold starring everything else. I notice actual improvement already… especially when it comes to my chords. They come easier now, quicker, and they sound cleaner – Yousician isn’t giving me such a hard time about them anymore, at least. It also starts to feel a lot easier for me now to work with a pick. I used to always finger-pick when I played before, and whenever I tried it with a plectron, it felt really alien in my hands, like an obstacle, not a tool. This is starting to change, I am really getting the hang of it now. Feels good, all in all. So far, I am really pleased with the whole experience.

Play Strings (12/12) | Play Frets (24/24)Level 1 for all paths

LEAD | Start The Lead Guitar Path (51/51) | Fret Master (45/45) > Level 2 > Fretting Positions (39/39) | Fretboard Workout (39/39) > Level 3 > Four Fingers (42/42) > Pinky Challenge (57/57) > Level 4 > Picking Down & Up (51/51) > Picking Control (45/48) > Level 5 > Hammer & Pull (in progress)

KNOWLEDGE | Start The Knowledge Path (24/24) | Ear Puzzles: Up & Down > Level 2 > The Musical Alphabet (30/30) > Ear Puzzles: Smaller Steps > Level 3 > Sharps & Flats (27/27) > Ear Puzzles: Melodies > Level 4 > Know Your Fretboard (in progress)

RHYTHM | Start The Rhythm Guitar Path (48/48) | Cowboy Chords 1: E, Em, Am (30/30) > Level 2 > Cowboy Chords 2: C (51/51) | Cowboy Chords 3: G (36/36) > Level 3 > Power Chords (57/57) > Cowboy Chords 4: D & A (117/117) > Level 4 > Moveable Power Chords (in progress)


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