I didn’t blog…

…but I did practice. Albeit little. On Saturday, my guitar was the first thing I reached for after I made it out of bed and had some coffee in my system – but then soon realized that practicing in the morning isn’t actually my cup of tea. I found that my fingers were extremly clumsy and sluggish, and I also couldn’t focus quite the way I should have – so I left it at that, and in the evening I had other plans. Didn’t make my daily goal.

On Sunday, though, I practiced quite a bit. Almost an hour in the afternoon… and it had that little extra awesomeness, because the sun was shining nicely, it was almost warm on my terrace. I took the White Lady outside, along with my headphones, and practiced under the blue sky and with the sun in my face. Really nice and relaxing. I also didn’t reach my daily goal that day, because all I did was try and gold-star a couple of Level 5 lead songs, which didn’t earn me any stars, because I kept on immediately terminating the song as soon as I made a mistake. (Of which I made plenty.)

So I also didn’t screenshot my progress.


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