The Power of Music

Today hasn’t been what’s commonly known as a “good day”. The kids were both in a bad mood, and I was extremely irritable… and it all climaxed with my daughter having a hysteric fit over… joghurt.


Additionally, she had some homework to do given to her by her flute teacher last week. She had to come up with a second voice for a song, and due to the unraveled state she was in, she just yelled at me that she JUST! CAN’T! EVEN! and then doors were slammed, and more stuff was screamed, and am I not the MOST! UNFAIR! MOTHER! OF! ALL! MOTHERS! It was wonderful.

Furious, I sent her downstairs to her room, but after calming myself down to the maximum amount possible at that time (- which wasn’t much, admittedly), I called her upstairs again and offered to do the homework together with her. It took some effort to convince her and to get through her upset stubbornness – but in the end I had her with her instrument and sheet notes right next to me. We sat down, I grabbed my classical guitar, and went to work. It was slow going at first, with her refusing to contribute or to even think about what she was supposed to do… which frustrated me all over again… but after a few bars she got the hang of it and started to enjoy the process… and suddenly we were sitting there, her with her flute, me with my guitar – which I later switched out for my tenor recorder – making music together. And then the smiles returned, and then the calmness. For both of us. Playing her homework together really set our upset minds at ease and restored the peace and in the end we felt accomplished and good for having spent quality time together. This goes to show how truly transformative musice can be, what an influence it can have on your general mood. I will definitely keep this in mind for the next spat we’re having.

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