Are you going to Scarborough Fair…?

Well, are you? This song… Rhythm Path Level 5, Mission: Broken Chords… has been quite the hype in the last couple of weeks in the Yousician Facebook group. It seems to be some kind of rite of passage into the “real stuff” – and people celebrate their gold-starring it and are being highly praised when they do. It’s the club of the priviledged for those who have mastered it…

…so imagine how my  heart skipped a beat when this song came up next on my list, and how my palms became instantly sweaty. And that’s all without listening to it or looking at it even once – the power of the community and expectations! Ha!

Anyway… well… ouch.

Doesn’t look so hard at first glance… and I silver starred everything on first try. But that’s all I got out of this song, thus far. Damn. That Dm! That change from Dm to F! Impossible. For me, anyway. And then I actually hurt my fingers of my fretting hand from pressing too hard. Damn!

What a bitch! At least for today, there is nothing else I can do about it… and I am not even sure I will ever actually gold star even a single section of it.

Speaking of hurting my fingers:

To the left you can see the results of roughly one month of almost daily practicing.

Cool, huh? They are actual, real-life callouses. Going to have to lay low just a tiny bit now, I don’t want the skin to actually break.

LEAD | Start The Lead Guitar Path (51/51) | Fret Master (45/45) > Level 2 > Fretting Positions (39/39) | Fretboard Workout (39/39) > Level 3 > Four Fingers (42/42) > Pinky Challenge (57/57) > Level 4 > Picking Down & Up (51/51) > Picking Control (48/48) > Level 5 > Hammer & Pull (60/60) > Legato Lead (49/54) > Level 6 > Slides  (in progress)

KNOWLEDGE | Start The Knowledge Path (24/24) | Ear Puzzles: Up & Down > Level 2 > The Musical Alphabet (30/30) > Ear Puzzles: Smaller Steps > Level 3 > Sharps & Flats (27/27) > Ear Puzzles: Melodies > Level 4 > Know Your Fretboard > Ear Puzzles: Half Steps > Level 5 > Keys & Grooves (in progress)

RHYTHM | Start The Rhythm Guitar Path (48/48) | Cowboy Chords 1: E, Em, Am (30/30) > Level 2 > Cowboy Chords 2: C (51/51) | Cowboy Chords 3: G (36/36) > Level 3 > Power Chords (57/57) > Cowboy Chords 4: D & A (117/117) > Level 4 > Moveable Power Chords (69/69) | Cowboy Chords: F & Dm (63/63) > Level 5 > Broken Chords (in progress)


One thought on “Are you going to Scarborough Fair…?

  1. distanceremovedradio says:

    Oh, you’ll goldstar it, give it time 🙂 But it’s really an awkward arrangement… no matter what level you are. Arguably it’s harder than level 5… probably 6 or 7. Good luck 🙂 Awesome blog!



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