Slides and Stuff

Started on the Slides mission today, after trying to gold-star stuff that I hadn’t managed to gold-star before. Needless to say: Scarborough Fair wasn’t one of the things I managed.

Currently unmanaged, other than Scarborough Fair:

Morning Mood: 9 out of 12 gold stars – all because 2 empty(!) strings don’t register… ever. Not on the electric… not on the acoustic… not with the iRig plugged in… not without the iRig… not on the phone… not on the PC… not EVER. So frustrating! Because I do play them. And I have the video to prove it.

Mentatonic – Melody: 6 out of 12 gold stars – what I don’t manage is the very last part… and the best I can do at the moment is “almost perfect” – with one single mistake.

Scale: Minor: Don’t even get me started – wtf??? What is so hard about this??? Nothing, that’s what.

30 Years Later: Fun to play! Keep on messing it up somewhere. Will get there.

What I gold-starred today: Dark Eyes – yay! What a fun song to play, even though it took a while to get the app to register all of the chords. This seems to be an issue – and will make Scarborough Fair all that much harder. When Johnny Comes Marching Home – finally! This one took me a little while, but it’s done now. Real fun to play, too. Cowboy Exit Music – first song in the Slides mission, easy as pie.

My bass and guitar are finally up and mounted on the wall again, too – thanks to my dad. The reason why the bass would have come down eventually as it was before, was the fact that my ex somehow used screws that did not fit the dowels, and were therefore not able to expand them as they were supposed to. Yikes. Would have strangled him, had I not noticed the loose screw before anything actually happened. My dad now swears that the bass won’t go anywhere… let’s hope he’s right.

LEAD | Start The Lead Guitar Path (51/51) | Fret Master (45/45) > Level 2 > Fretting Positions (39/39) | Fretboard Workout (39/39) > Level 3 > Four Fingers (42/42) > Pinky Challenge (57/57) > Level 4 > Picking Down & Up (51/51) > Picking Control (48/48) > Level 5 > Hammer & Pull (60/60) > Legato Lead (49/54) > Level 6 > Slides  (in progress)

KNOWLEDGE | Start The Knowledge Path (24/24) | Ear Puzzles: Up & Down > Level 2 > The Musical Alphabet (30/30) > Ear Puzzles: Smaller Steps > Level 3 > Sharps & Flats (27/27) > Ear Puzzles: Melodies > Level 4 > Know Your Fretboard > Ear Puzzles: Half Steps > Level 5 > Keys & Grooves (in progress)

RHYTHM | Start The Rhythm Guitar Path (48/48) | Cowboy Chords 1: E, Em, Am (30/30) > Level 2 > Cowboy Chords 2: C (51/51) | Cowboy Chords 3: G (36/36) > Level 3 > Power Chords (57/57) > Cowboy Chords 4: D & A (117/117) > Level 4 > Moveable Power Chords (69/69) | Cowboy Chords: F & Dm (63/63) > Level 5 > Broken Chords (in progress)


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