The Love of my Life

If there is one to deserve that title, it’s most definitely him:

Our love story has – admittedly – been a bit one-sided, but at least it’s consistent, going strong for 25 years already. I fell in love with him when I was 13 years old… and never lost my passion since.

Looking at it like that, my love for Queen has been one of the few true constants, a pillar in my hall of life, if you may. Never cracking or crumbling, and always polished to perfection.

When I started to play the bass, it has actually always been my wish(ful thinking) to one day be able to play Deacy’s bass lines. It’s still on my bucket list today, and maybe I’ll even get there someday… but first: gold starring Yousician. (Hey, a girl can dream, right?)

(At least I am not blasphemous enough to set my guitar goals to Brian May… thou shalt not presume to ever be in the shadow of the likeness of thy God, or something. Let’s stay real here.)

Anyway. A couple of years ago I have had the absolutely wonderful opportunity to see Brian and Roger live in concert – and it’s brought my love for them to a completely new level. (Tears were shed, you people. Many, many tears. I still can’t believe that I have been in the same room with my idols of 20+ years, when I never thought this was ever going to be possible after Freddie’s death… so grateful. When I caught my first glimpse of Brian coming out onto the stage right in front of me, in the flesh, you guys… my breath caught in my throat and my heart accelerated while skipping a few beats all the same time… and the flood gates opened, it could not be helped. This was seriously one of the most exciting moments in my entire life.)

For those of you out there who love Queen nearly as much as I do, here is a video that the ex hubby took during the concert. It’s Love of my Life (Olympiahalle Munich – February 2, 2015) and while he was filming, I was right next to him, literally bawling my eyes out. I never thought I could react in such a way at a live concert… but there I was. Sobbing and crying. (I’ll never make fun of hysterically screaming teenie-boppers anymore, ever again, I promise.)

Actually, looking back – this has been one of the happiest, most perfect moments of my life, and one of the places I mentally go to, when I feel down and need some inner peace. Enjoy.

It’s been truly magical singing this along with Brian… at the same time, in the same room… I still get teary eyed when I think back.

I since had yet another opportunity to see Brian and Roger live in concert… I got Golden Circle tickets for their show in Linz last spring – and look how close I was to him and the Red Special:

Worth every penny those Golden Circle tix cost me…

Why do I bring this up? Because I talked about “reclaiming space” in my apartment yesterday… and while I was at it, this has also gone up on my bedroom wall:

Will look so much cooler when the light chain above comes on in the evening. Gorgeous, isn’ it? Isn’t he?

Step by step… just like my progress with Yousician. (Which will be limited tonight I am sure – since I am scheduled to meet friends later on to watch the new Beauty and the Beast movie with Emma Watson… and Luke Evans, who looks so eerily like a slender and fit version of the guy I am currently secretly fawning over, yikes.)

More updates on that (- the progess, not the guy) later tonight, hopefully!

PS: The toe is not broken! Phew.


Just a little plucking for consistency…

I didn’t do a whole lot today- I didn’t have a lot of time for practicing, unfortunately, but I was not about to break my current everyday streak. Even a little will do.

Kiddo #1 has been home sick today, so I had to work from home, which always ends up to be longer hours than a regular office day for some reason… the apartment was in some desperate need for a bit of attention… then the kiddo may or may not have broken her toe on the vacuum cleaner… I had to crochet a sloth for a friend… and then… ta-daaaaaaa… the ex hubby came by and pulled a really nice one on me:

AWESOME! Isn’t it? I absolutely love it… not just because it looks absolutely fabulous in terms of decoration, but also because it’s yet another piece of ME, MYSELF, and I that I am adding to what is now my apartment, adding character to it that reflects me, doing what my therapist calls “reclaiming space”. And boy, does that feel ever so great. (Very grateful to the ex hubby though, seriously. He didn’t need to do that, but did it anyway, which earns him a ton of props.)

(And please ignore the sad looking plants in the corner… they were just spending the winter there and are scheduled to move back outside onto my terrace as soon as the weather allows. They don’t much like the winter inside, especially the oleander, and it shows.)

Does it make you nervous, too? Seeing your guitars hang on a small little thing like these wall mounts and trusting those little T-Rex arms to keep your babies safe? I was worried about my beloved bass in particular… because it’s really heavy. I know that wall mounts are technically safe… and I’ve seen the kind of screws that were used to put them onto the wall… but… still. It does make me a bit nervous. I will get used to it. Most importantly: the visual is amazing. But I think I mentioned that already.

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