*pokes head out from nowhere*

Why I haven’t touched the White Lady in months, you may wonder? Because yeah, that is exactly what happened. I haven’t touched her at all. I wish I could say something to the effect of: I’ve been diligently practicing this entire time, I just haven’t had the time to blog about it.

Alas, I can’t. Let’s be honest: the White Lady has been collecting dust on the wall while my carefully and patiently built callouses have softened themselves to smithereens.


All because a day before my last blog post I went on a date. And then on another. And another. And then maybe some more? And all with the very same guy. Who turned out to be amazing. And who now turns out to be my boyfriend. What can I say… stuff happens. And sometimes the stuff that happens is actually good stuff.

So – I’ve been… distracted. And it’s only been very recently (- last weekend, to be exact) that I have felt the itch to play come back to me. And so I grabbed her again and tentatively caressed her body… played on her heartstrings a bit… and what can I say: she didn’t take well to being ignored on the wall for months. She cut me. And cut me deeply. Ouch, I’ve got blisters on 3 fingers that make it hard even to type this. I also found it very hard to pick up my lessons where I left off, so instead I used the feature that allows me to find songs for my current skill level, and played around with that for a bit.

Currently, it’s the Super Mario Bros. theme that keeps me busy, as well as Stairway to Heaven. Despite the blisters, though – I really feel it coming back to me now, and I solemnly swear… I will be better about sticking to my practice again, albeit knowing it won’t be quite as intense as it used to be, owing to the fact that I am not spending every waking moment that I don’t spend at work at home anymore. But such is life(tm)… and love!


Didn’t notice the time passing…

Today, while my kids enjoyed their weekend movie, I took the opportunity and practiced. Alone in my bedroom. For what felt like maybe a good, focused 20 minutes or so. Only: when I was done with those “20 minutes”, the kids’ full feature film just started to roll the credits. I had absolutely no idea that so much time had passed! I love that I was so focused that I didn’t even notice.

What I don’t love: the soreness of my fingertips I experience at the moment. Yes, I know it’s just the painful initial phase until they’ve built up nice callouses – it just seems that I had forgotten just how painful this phase is. And my skin hasn’t even split yet. It’s just really tender and touch-sensitive. Makes me remember getting my hands used to my bass back in the day. I literally had no idea what I was in for, when I held my beautiful instrument in my excited hands for the first time. My fretting hand actually built up sufficient callouses rather quickly and I don’t remember any real problems with it beyond what is usual – the problem was my right one. I always used my fingers to play, never a pick – and I regularly ended up with huge and disgusting water-filled and angry blisters on the tips of my index and middle fingers. No matter how long I played… this problem never really went away, even when the callouses eventually started coming. My skin kept on blistering, I kept on breaking the blisters, rinse and repeat. A very painful and annoying vicious cycle that I couldn’t break out of, even after a year-and-half of very regular and frequent playing.

Not looking forward to starting the callousing-process all over again…

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