Say hello to my little friend!

YES! After I received my confirmation e-Mail from Klangfarbe that my stuff was ready to be picked up, the day started to really drag. I was still at the office, you see – and had a couple of hours to go, on a Friday nonetheless, and afterwards I was scheduled to pick up my kids from my parents’ place and spend some time there, before finally being able to go pick up my new guitar. Additionally, sometime during the afternoon I also received a confirmation e-Mail that my amazon order with the strap and the wall mounts has been delivered and was awaiting my pickup at the post office as well. So by the time I was finally home, this was the beautiful arrangement on my dinner table:

I have never in my life unboxed a guitar before. I bought both my nylon string as well as my bass together with a case. For this one I don’t even have a bag, but I figured that would have been a waste of money – it’s not like I am ever going to take this somewhere. And if the need should arise – I can still always buy a case later on. Anyway.

Isn’t she beautiful? But seriously – getting that protective transparent foil off from underneath the knobs has been quite the chore that took way longer than it probably should have, and it caused me to immediately learn a new something about electric guitars: how to remove knobs. Ha!

This is the other thing I purchased: an iRig 2 guitar interface. I was a bit shocked to see that the software that comes with it, AmpliTube, ships at yet another 20€ or so – but was then pleasantly surprised to see that it offers a free version as well. Which is massively limited, of course, but suits my little needs just fine. No need to plug into my amp all the time, plus the opportunity to use headphones and disturb no one in the house, and that’s really all I need. The interface also helps the Yousician app to better recognize the notes I am playing – or at least that’s what the internet claims. I have yet to try that out, of course.

Today was also the day where I pushed that “subscribe” button on Yousician. I decided to go with a 1-month-sub to start with, just to see if I really, really like it – and if I will actually stick with it and practice regularly. If so, I will upgrade to a 1-year-sub… the price difference is really quite staggering. Hopefully I’ll get any of the able-handed men in my life to help me mount my two guitars on the wall soon, now that I have everything together and am all ready to go!


I did it!

I actually went there. I actually did it. After spending a significant amount of time last night looking for used guitars, as well as prices of new ones, I have taken the decision to buy myself my very first, very own electric guitar. I want to do this now – I want to properly learn how to play the guitar. And for that… I need one. And what makes me happy motivates me.

Remember how I mentioned my cousin previously? He had the wits to NEVER stop playing the guitar ever since he started to learn it at age 15, like me… and is now something like a God when it comes to this instrument. His house is full of guitars, he is an expert player, and a fountain of knowledge. (Basically what I could have been. Had I, like him, never stopped playing.) I asked him for advice on the matter this morning, and he suggested I buy a new one, not something used, as I had planned. I did some extensive research during the day and eventually settled on a Fender Squier Bullet Strat – the beginner’s version of a “real” Fender Stratocaster. It’s extremely affordable, and if I end up giving up on playing again in the foreseeable future, the financial damage will be negligible. Also, it has some really good reviews, all of them claiming that it’s actually a good sounding guitar, a lot of value for little money. It suits my needs and my wallet perfectly.

But since a guitar alone won’t do I also ordered a shoulder strap, 2 wall mounts (- one for the guitar, one for my bass), an A-stand, some new picks, and an iRig 2 for this new endeavor. Here’s to hoping that I will be able to pick up my new baby from the store tomorrow.

Yousician Updates: So far, this is nice and easy. No challenge yet, and I played as far as my free minutes would let me today. Which wasn’t very far, admittedly. I am really considering to buy a subscription…