Rhythm Guitar Level 2 – check.

I spent pretty much all day today practicing chords and my fingers hate me now.

Let me tell you: as ridiculous as it sounds, but my Level 2 certificate was hard earned. You’d think that E, Em, Am, C & G are easy… and they technically are… but still, Yousician gave me a hard effin’ time – mostly about my Em’s. Apparently, my ring finger tends to brush against the G string a lot when I play an Em, and then Yousician refuses to recognize it for what it tries to be, and marks it red. The same tends to happen a lot when I play an Am, only I haven’t figured out why on that one yet. It did get a bit better after plugging the iRig into my phone and playing like that instead – before I had played on my PC with the amp turned on, which also seems to have caused issues with the recognition of empty strings. Does anybody experience anything similar?

I cannot tell you the amounts of time I have played and replayed the simplest Level 2 songs, feeling like a total idiot for not being able to get them right. I still didn’t manage to gold star some of them, try as I might. I will tackle this tomorrow, have to sleep on this for a night.

My fingers are really sore today, which actually makes me feel quite giddy: they remind me that I have been doing a lot of work today, and I can now feel the aftermath. Makes me feel accomplished. And it made me realize how little I really know about playing chords… my technique sucks, apparently, and I have tried really hard to fix that today. A lot of detail work still needs to be done in order to play my chords impeccably. Even at Level 2.

Play Strings (12/12) | Play Frets (24/24)Level 1 for all paths

LEAD | Start The Lead Guitar Path (51/51) | Fret Master (45/45) > Level 2 > Fretting Positions (39/39) | Fretboard Workout (39/39) > Level 3 > Four Fingers (in progress)

KNOWLEDGE | Start The Knowledge Path (24/24) | Ear Puzzles: Up & Down > Level 2 > The Musical Alphabet (in progress)

RHYTHM | Start The Rhythm Guitar Path (48/48) | Cowboy Chords 1: E, Em, Am (30/30) > Level 2 > Cowboy Chords 2: C (49/51) | Cowboy Chords 3: G (30/36) > Level 3 > Power Chords (in progress)