Because dead Animals need Love, too.

Squeee!!! Look what finally arrived in the mail:

I ordered these from amazon at the same time I ordered the strap and the wall mounts, and they finally made it into my mailbox.

Insanely cute.

Skelanimals – dead animals need love too.

By the way, after I posted yesterday’s Yousician update, I couldn’t help but grab my guitar one more time. I actually just grabbed it in order to put it away… at midnight, no less – about to go to bed. But once I had it in my hands… well, what can I say. I’ve got nothing on my White Lady’s seductive pull at the moment.

So I did play a bit more… putting me 35 stars over 0 for today’s goal already, seeing as it was already way past midnight by the time I stopped. UGH. Tired. I really should know better than that. (My alarm goes off at 6:15 AM.)

I am almost through the Hammer & Pull mission as it stands. Tonight I am going to work on gold starring the Power Chords Level 4 mission, and then maybe get into the Legato on Lead Level 5… or do something completely different and try a Weekly Challenge for a change, or learn one of the many songs. Extreme’s “More Than Words” is something really high up on my to-do list, and I have seen that it is available in Yousician. At a higher level than I am, for sure… but let’s see how far I get.

Still 8 hours of work separating me from my guitar, though… better get started.