“Andantino in G Major” by Ferdinando Carulli

I recorded this one yesterday… I found these old sheet notes inside the case of my nylon string guitar and practiced them a bit. Really enjoyable process.

In fact, I posted this video in the Yousician FB Group and got some nice feedback on this one as well, with one user then informing me about his uploaded collections of classical pieces for the app. So awesome! This will keep me busy for a while. He then even uploaded this piece into the app following my video. I absolutely love this community! So inspiring and motivating.


Weekly Challenge Lead Level 6: Morning Mood (Edvard Grieg)

I have decided to put myself out there a bit, and take a video of myself playing every now and then. It’s a neat way for myself to monitor my progress – but it’s also fun to get feedback from the FB group, admittedly.

I ditched the White Lady for this, thinking my classical nylon string would be much better suited for this kind of music. Also, for some reason I can’t get my electric to sound good when I hook it up to the amp instead of running it through the iRig into my headphones… the strings keep on ringing, and overall it just sounds very sloppy. Anyway. I picked up my nylon string and started to finger-pick this, as I usually would on this instrument. And… failed. I guess I’ve gotten used to using a pick by now, which is weird considering how clumsy I always used to feel whenever I tried to use one before. And I don’t think I ever played anything on my nylon string with a pick before.

Well – looksie!

I got really nice feedback in the Yousician FB Group – even James chimed in… the guy who is narrating all the guitar lessons in the app. Can’t say that didn’t tickle me pink.

Of course it’s far from perfect, but it’s a nice start and I will probably do more recordings as the challenges come in!



Here’s another gem from way back when… the video quality is horrible, but at least the audio is still fine. The year is now 1996, I am 17, and I really haven’t improved much in the coolness department, but thankfully this old video is so dark, that you wouldn’t be able to tell, anyway. This is another school concert. My friend is on the left, I am in the middle – dude on the right is our beloved guitar teacher, Mr. Gerhard Hanel.

You’ll hear Bizet’s “Habanera” from Carmen. Messed up by our teacher, of all people! Because he insisted on taping his sheet notes together, telling us it’d be easier to flip them this way, and getting a bit annoyed with us because we didn’t tape our pages together as well. And it only took for someone in the audience to open the door, letting a gust of wind rush in, for his now very large taped-together sheet go flying like a sail in the wind. When ours stayed put.

Awesome memories… I doubt that he’d even remember us, but for sure he’s been really influential in MY life… because had it not been for him and the stuff he taught me, I never would have gotten the opportunity to play the bass for Vudu Iguana in Los Angeles, which is definitely one of my most treasured memories in my entire life.